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There are a lot of things I really wanna do.

2 different Doujis  (Yeah one of them is Part 2 from G'DAy), a Flash game, an animated Intro , some animations..  and EVERYTHING is about TF2 (gawwwd this game ...):icondizzyplz:
There is so much I want to do, that I don't know what to start with...  and how...    
I know I would need help by the flash game (I need an writer for this... story and dialogs.. nah I don't think I should write 'em by myself. I still don't trust in my English that much. ...and I probably know who I would ask for this XDD hon hon hon)
But I don't want to start a big project like this while I'm thinking that my art isn't good enough for this jet. (It could be better... yeah)

So I guess the next thing I'll start will be one of the doujis. For improvement and stuff... then the animations and the intro.. I'll probably use both in the flash game... maybe maybe...
Beside that I have to finish a Video for my Podcast and finish an Fanfiction as well.   
I. need. a. plan.

happy Halloween
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Submitted on
October 30, 2011