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Submitted on
December 28, 2010


Hey dears.

I hope you had a great Christmastime! Mine was busy but beautiful!

2010 will be over in a few days...and I guess I'll be dead before then D:
I'm so ill  :puke:
My head fells like... erm.. like...candyfloss! But not new and tasty candyfloss... more...old and gloppy...

Ehh  you know what I wanna say...


1. The one and only :iconlady-madbeth: translate currently my Assassins Creed  Fanfiction :) *giggle* *jump jump* (I lost capter 4 ....  D:  It's that  Altair/Shaun thing  ..  so I have to write it again! )

2. My Assassins Creed Flashgame  need some more time - plus my workplace is now 150km off. So I can't work on it!

3. Setchaku Zai is soooo coool xDDD  

Setchaku Zai!  What's that?
Yeah it's a Dojinshi Project - and I rly wanna conteniue it.

Setchaku Zai Flash Dojinshi by BlastedKing

Love ya all!

:coffeemachine: :work: :coffeecup: :milk:
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  • Listening to: Pain
  • Reading: Setchaku Zai
  • Watching: Queer as Folk
  • Drinking: Coffee
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Lady-Madbeth Dec 28, 2010  Student General Artist
:huggle: Gute Besserung, hoffentlich noch vor Silvester :heart: Ich glaub ja normalerweise der Werbung kein Wort, aber Grippostad C ist echt hammer Zeuch um ne Erkältung platt zu machen. Da biste wieder in zwei Tagen auf dem Damm ;)
BlastedKing Dec 28, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
*morgen erstmal zur Apoteke gehen*

D: Ja wenn ich Silvester immernoch krank bin, werd ich mich gleich mit der nächstbesten RAkete mit hinaufschießen. ^^""
Oh, love! Are you ill? =( Nooooo :S <3 I hope you'll get well soon :hug: But you had a nice xmas. And this is good :heart:
BlastedKing Dec 28, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah... headache... sore throat.. cough ... cold ... all those Stuff... -.-*
Wanna do something...but I can't concentrate *sfz*

And yes...of course I have some resolutions... (I answer you here now.. :D)
But it's the same as every year: Lose some weight, become better, faster, stronger etc... Nothing special ^^" (Ahh and : Learn Italian! xD)
Oh, yes, me too. I've to loose some weight. All the Christmas sweets... >___> Ohhh :heart: Poor little dear! You have taken a good...flu? :S
(For Italian just ask :D)
BlastedKing Dec 28, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yeeess a flu. (Flu sounds nicer as "Grippe" ... fluuuuuu~ )
So bad.... -.-

(I will! :D If even can't help I ask you ;) )
(Yeaaah! Fluuu! xD So sweet :D Ok, maybe we'd finish to behave like this....... Ok. last time. Fluuuu! xD)
^^ You ask and I'll answer soon as possible u.u
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