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1. Current issues
2. Art
3. Douji Setchaku Zai Fanart by EpicFailMonster
4. Fanfiction by Chubbycubby
5. Tagged by Lady-Madbeth

1. Current issues

Woooohuuuuu  111 Deviation

Soo  There I am - and kinda busy as usual :D
This will be a long Journal Entry....
2. Art
First, the last Poll:
The result... surprised me!  I don't expected that there are so many Zelda Fans ^^  
But, pls don't expect so much Zelda Pic so fast...  I need time

In fact, I have to draw more non-digital stuff and I'm still not in the mood to uplode it here. It's not that kind of Stuff I want to see in my Gallery... (yet)

Plus I still wanna finish one of my game projects... (The DatingGame, Tamagotchi and Shimenji ....)

3. Douji Setchaku Zai Fanart by EpicFailMonster
My lovely :iconepicfailmonster: drew a FA from Chino (
'What?' by EpicFailMonster <-  :heart:

4. Fanfiction from Chubbycubby
:iconchubbycubby: wrote a Fanfiction based on
You can read it here: Mr. Sunshine    Shaun and his friends walked out of school towards their cars or their own routes home.
    "So, Shaun, where'd you get the shirt, the smart ass store?" Luke tugged on Shaun's shirt and everyone laughed.
    "What's the matter with my shirt?" Shaun looked at the lettering.
    "C'mon, it says 'Mr. Sunshine'. Since when are you so cheery?" Drake teased Shaun.
    Dana, Luke's girlfriend said too loudly, "Ever since he lost his virginity to that girl! What's her name again?"
    Shaun's face was completely red, "Rebecca."
    "Who would've thought Drake would be the last one?" Luke punched Drake, and Drake hit him back twice as hard.
    "So when do we get to meet this mystery lady?" Dana asked pinching Shaun's cheek. Shaun quickly brushed her away, sneering.
    "Don't let him fool you," Luke said to Dana,

And remember:
Besides, it was really comfortable!  xDD  

5. Got tagged by Lady-Madbeth
A month ago I got tagged by :iconlady-madbeth: -  dear I don't ignore you :D (I just want to wait till I write a Journal Entry)  

1. Post these rules
2. Each tagged person must put 10 things about themselves in their journal
3. At the end you have to chose and tag 10 people and post their icons in the same journal
4. Go to their pages and send them a message that you tagged them
5. No tag-backs
( I'll skip the last 3 Points... I don't like to tag other ppl...  but if want you can do like I've tag you... isn't it funny?? You can decide by yourself if you want to get tagged!!  Wow!  :D  

10. Facts about me:
- I don't favoure  Coffee or Tee - I love both (But I like the Coffee Drinker image)
- In this moment I got a spasm in my right feet ... ouch... xD
- My favoured color is brown :3
- My favoured odour is Cocos (Deo, BodyLotion, Scrub, soap, joss sticks everything with coconut smell!  <3 )
- I looove the Sun but favour the night.
- In my opinion: IKEA are the greatest company EVER  (erm...after Abstergo... sure) :D
- I'm studying Informatics ... still (I'm so bad x"D)
- My favoured Tea sort is Earl Gray
- I have a hookah (with black eagles on it)
- I looove Ramen


So I love you all, thx for everything!
You are awesome and you know that!
(You look lovely today :glomp:)


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  • Playing: AssassinsCreed Brotherhood
  • Eating: Bananabread from my dear
  • Drinking: Tea
EpicFailMonster Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You eat my bananabread :D
Peindei Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011  Professional Artist
Ooooh i want that hookah <3
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